We are in the center of the most beautiful island in the Mediterranean, between Orgosolo, Oliena, Fonni, Aritzo and Tonara, the oldest area of Sardinia and rich in history and traditions. Civilization and evolution (understood in the most technological sense of the term) seem to have wanted to avoid this part of the island. Mobile phones take little in the middle of these beautiful mountains and tell us that many still do not have a fast internet connection. In these parts you live from what nature gives us and most of the population is engaged in raising cattle for meat and / or milk as well as agriculture.

The air we breathe has a different taste, is clean, fresh and it seems that industrialization and pollution have never come close to this part of the island.
Thousands of curves and mountain landscapes take us from one village to another; small realities of 3-4000 inhabitants rich in history but above all traditions; the elderly sit outside their homes at the edge of the road and greet us almost as if they were the guardians of these small settlements, they know everything, who enters, who leaves the country as people move whether they are local or tourists .. A sort video surveillance system of other times

Hospitality is without the highlight of the population that lives in these mountains. If you enter a bar and "mistake" make friends with someone, you should know that you will not be able to leave before all those present have offered you a drink. Don't you dare take the wallet in your hand; they would be offended. It is a local custom that everyone pays "a ride" regardless of how many are present.

Ah ... I almost forgot a very important detail for us motorcyclists. The quality of the asphalt is fantastic, traffic is practically zero, you are not able to count the amount of turns and bends in a few kilometers of transfer and the food…. Oh well ... I tell you to do ... Go try it !!