Orientale Sarda

Orientale Sarda

The Strada Statale 125, Orientale Sarda, has become over time a Must for the tens of thousands of motorcyclists that Each Year choose Sardinia for their holidays.

The old road that connected the north and south of Sardinia, from Palau, passing through Olbia, to Cagliari following the whole east coast of the island. It is easy if you have chosen Sardinia for your motorbike holidays, you have to go through here. Dozens and dozens of "colleagues", from the most sporty with street bikes to lovers of travel with the Big and Heavy Cruiser Motorcycles are here.

Starting from the North, the first piece, from Palau to Orosei, crosses all the most famous and popular tourist resorts of the island, the splendid Emerald Coast, San Teodoro, Budoni, Siniscola, towns of a few thousand Inhabitants that are transformed during the Summer to accommodate dozens of Thousands of tourists.

Once overcome, however, Orosei understands that something is changing, civilization thins out leaving space to Nature. Tens of thousands of hectares of land where only the grazing animals and the wildest vegetation are the hosts. The motorbike becomes here the instrument of pleasure; curve on a curve, a fast mix with the rocky ridge on the left and the void on the right; the temperature drops a few degrees, we are in the mountains, and in the pass to "Genna Silana" the wind is felt. The view of the "Gola di gorroppu" is breathtaking; you could visit it with a couple of hours of walking but our motorcycle boots and technical equipment don't allow it, we'll be back….

Looking at the mountains, you can see hundreds of unpaved paths, we find out and discover that they are used by local guides to bring hikers, spelunkers who love climbing in the thousands of caves present in this beautiful desolate and uncontaminated area. We can only imagine, how beautiful it can be to cover them with an Enduro or Maxi enduro motorcycle.

Continue in the direction of Tortolì and the last piece of road becomes a little slower and more demanding. Hairpin bends and tight curves, in just a few kilometers they take us down hundreds of meters but even in this case, the view and the view of the Gulf of Arbatax repay any sacrifice.