Alghero Bosa

Alghero Bosa

The Alghero - Bosa is perhaps one of the most beautiful roads in the world. Forty-five kilometers of curves overlooking the sea that offer those who travel in motion unique emotions. A combination of scents and landscapes in the setting of the crystal clear sea of the west coast of Sardinia.

Leaving Bosa alle Spalle we follow the road north towards Alghero. After the first 5 km immersed in the Mediterranean scrub we arrive at the first brow overlooking the sea; the olive-green volcanic rock makes the crystalline water of Sardinia a unique color, I would say almost fascinating. Continuing along the route between dozens and dozens of curves, you immediately understand that you are in a part of the uncontaminated world in which nature still works as a Master; the griffins accompany us on our journey almost as if they wanted us to understand that we are at home. One of the most beautiful things in Sardinia is without a doubt the fact that in just a few kilometers the landscape, the rock, the vegetation and even the color of the sky change quickly.

Distracted by the beauty of the road and the emotions that our Bike gives us between a bend and a nice corner, we notice almost by chance that the nature around us has changed appearance; the greenish and smooth volcanic rock has become red and jagged. In just 30 kilometers it seems to be in another country.

But beauty comes to an end. It is the hour of sunset and we see the sky that becomes increasingly colored with that beautiful color; overcome one of the last curves before Alghero, taken by surprise, we see that beautiful promontory named "Capocaccia" with the sun behind it and the Skyline of the small Alghero.
It is difficult to put into words an emotion ... a little tired and happy we arrived at our destination ...